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A New Safety App and Security Cameras for Albany Technical College

Albany, Georgia – In late 2021 under the direction of President Anthony Parker, Albany Technical College took a significant step forward to improve the safety of students, employees, and visitors. The project is complete and is being implemented throughout the campus. A brand-new safety app called ATC SAFE has been created in addition to upgrades in cameras, lighting, and line of sight on the main campus.

The new application, ATC SAFE, is a custom-branded mobile safety app that is free for download on the Apple App Store or in Google Play. It allows faculty, staff, or students to instantly reach out to campus police for quick help via one-on-one communication. There is also a virtual friend walk feature. If someone feels unsafe traveling to a location on campus, a friend can be sent real-time map information to ensure a person has safely reached their destination.

In an emergency, phone numbers are listed and can be called from the App. The location is pinpointed on a map through state-of-the-art geo-location features. Also, if something is out of place or seems to be suspicious, a person can see something, say something, and report a tip for the campus police to follow up.

If there is an active threat, there are safety tips and offline-ready emergency plans on the phone to ensure safety. Albany Technical College can also send out notifications via unlimited geo-located push notifications.

In addition to the ATC Safety App, Albany Technical College upgraded its existing surveillance camera system to enhance surveillance in low-lit areas, inside buildings, and the exterior of buildings. Cameras are primarily located at building entrances and other places where security assessment has identified risk to safety or property, for example, theft or trespassing. Only ATC law enforcement personnel will have access to the system to protect privacy laws.

"We want to make sure that the students have the tools to stay safe on our campus, and I think that this new App, along with camera upgrades, will certainly enhance safety on Albany Technical College's campus," said newly appointed Chief of Police LaShawnda Ethridge. "In addition to the potential crime deterrence impact cameras can have, the ATC Police Department anticipates being able to use footage from video cameras to investigate and solve crimes committed against those who work at college and those who visit the campus."

"In today's world, having technology that will immediately share potential lifesaving information to the campus community and local law enforcement instantly makes sense," said Mr. Kenneth Singleton, Dean for Public Safety and Technology, Campus Safety Coordinator.

ATC SAFE is a robust mass notifications and crisis management solution with deep integration into 9-1-1. The App is used at colleges and universities across the U.S. and Canada.