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Associate of Science in Nursing program at Albany Technical College expands offering day classes

ALBANY, GEORGIA - Starting in spring 2023, Albany Technical College will offer a day track for those interested in pursuing a degree in nursing. This day class availability will expand the openings to 120 full-time nursing students at the college. There is a tight application deadline approaching. Applications are due by November 7th to get in this coming spring. The core curriculum required in most programs is not necessary to get into the Associate of Nursing (ASN) program at Albany Tech. Still, all potential students must take the TEAS test to enter the program.

The overall plan is to grow multiple healthcare programs to help meet the community's needs. Programs involved in the expansion are Associate of Nursing, Accelerated Nurse Aide, Phlebotomy, and Practical Nursing. Currently, nearly 60 ASN students are enrolled in nursing, and the goal is to expand that number to 200 by FY 2024 and to expand all four programs mentioned to 470 students by FY 2024.

Dr. Latrona Lanier, Chair/Instructor Associate of Science Nursing program, stated, "The nursing program would like to thank those of Albany Technical College, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, and the community of southwest Georgia who has advocated for this important venture for so long. Today's announcement is about securing the future of nursing and our community. We are extremely pleased about this venture and cannot express how important this day is for our students, our community, and the profession of nursing."

"We are adding an additional 120 seats to our nursing program. Moreover, additional nursing faculty is being added to accommodate the increase in numbers. It is a win-win for all involved and extremely exciting for us. This is about our students receiving the opportunity of attending nursing school at the earliest time possible. To do so, we are making it easier for students to access the program by providing two entry points, fall (evening hours) and spring (traditional day hours) semester. We want our students to know they will have the opportunity to grow, learn, and explore their professional ambitions," stated Lanier.

The day track for anyone interested in pursuing a degree in nursing starts this coming spring 2023. For more information about the ASN program, contact Dr. Latrona Lanier at or