Business Office Assistance Certificate

The Business Office Assistant Certificate is a vital component of the LEAP program. In order to fulfill the requirements for this certificate, students are required to complete 18 credit hours that include the following courses:

BUSN 1100 Introduction to Keyboarding
BUSN 1240 Office Procedures
BUSN 1330 Personal Effectiveness
BUSN 1440 Document Production
BUSN 2160 Electronic Mail
COMP 1000 Introduction to Computers

Upon successful completion of the LEAP program course of study, students receive a Business Office Assistant certificate, along with a personal portfolio from Albany Technical College. During the course of study, students in the LEAP program receive support from an academic transition teacher and peer mentor. The academic transition teacher attends classes, supports content acquisition, supports implementation of adaptations, and assists in studying and assignment completion.

Course Descriptions

BUSN 1100 - Introduction to Keyboarding (3) - This course introduces the touch system of keyboarding placing emphasis on correct techniques. Topics include: computer hardware, computer software, file management, learning the alphabetic keyboard, the numeric keyboard and keypad, building speed and accuracy, and proofreading. Students attain a minimum of 25 GWAM (gross words a minute) on three-minute timings with no more than three errors.

BUSN 1240 - Office Procedures (3) - Emphasizes essential skills required for the business office. Topics include: office protocol, time management, telecommunications and telephone techniques, office equipment, workplace mail, records management, travel/meeting arrangements, electronic mail, and workplace documents.

BUSN 1330 - Personal Effectiveness (3) - This course focuses on the skills needed to be effective in the corporate environment. The participants learn the importance of effectively managing time, stress and change as they relate to work behavior and quality of work. Topics include: time management, stress management, interview skills/job development, resume writing, and managing change.

BUSN 1440 - Document Production (4) - Reinforces the touch system of keyboarding placing emphasis on correct techniques with adequate speed and accuracy and producing properly formatted business documents. Topics include: reinforcing correct keyboarding technique, building speed and accuracy, formatting business documents, language arts, proofreading, and work area management.

BUSN 2160 - Electronic Mail Applications (2) - This course provides instruction in the fundamentals of communicating with others inside and outside the organization via a personal information management program. Emphasizes the concepts necessary for individuals and workgroups to organize, find, view, and share information via electronic communication channels. Topics include: Internal and External Communication, Message Management, Calendar Management, Navigation, Contact and Task Management, and Security and Privacy.

COMP 1000 - Introduction to Computers (3) - This course introduces the fundamental concepts, terminology, and operations necessary to use computers. Emphasis is placed on basic functions and familiarity with computer use. Topics include introductions to computer and digital terminology and usage, operating systems, Internet and digital communication, word processing applications, spreadsheet applications, database applications, and presentation applications.