Campus Policy

In accordance with the Drug-free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989, ATC is designated as a drug-free zone. The use/or abuse of alcohol and other illicit drugs by students is prohibited. School standards of conduct clearly prohibit the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol on campus or at any college-sponsored activities. Sanctions up to and including suspension, expulsion, and referral for prosecution will be imposed for the violation of these standards.

On April 3, 2006, in response to a school-wide survey, ATC became a tobacco-free campus, including all campuses and learning centers, grounds, parking lots, and immediately adjacent areas.

Effective January 2014, the following monetary penalties will be implemented for tobacco use/smoking on campus/learning centers property outside of the personal vehicle:

  • Smoking on the campus of any type (including e-cigarettes) or use of any tobacco products on campus: $20.00
  • Repeated offenses (within the academic year period-August-July): 2nd offense $30.00; 3rd offense $40.00

All second and third offense violators will be referred to the College’s disciplinary officer or designee for appropriate student disciplinary action per the Student Conduct Code and violations by employees of the College will be addressed through the Positive Discipline Policy.

Fines must be paid to the Cashier/Business Office or the designated staff member at the learning center within five (5) calendar days of the violation. Students who do not pay fines by the 5th calendar day of the fine will have Business Office holds placed on their student accounts in the Banner Student System until such time as payment is made. Employees who fail to pay the fine by the fifth calendar day will be subject to disciplinary action under the Positive Discipline Policy.


Albany Technical College campus police officers and other designated College officials are authorized to enforce all Tobacco-Free Regulations and to issue citations and levy fines to violators at the main campus, as well as learning centers.

Albany Technical College Police Officers are certified law enforcement officers with full powers of arrest. Police Officers actively patrol the campus and learning centers and will issue citations as needed. It is the administration and the Police Officers’ responsibility to enforce Georgia law and campus rules relating to maintaining a tobacco-free campus. College officials who observe smoking by students and/or employees should retain the student’s id badge or employee’s name badge in the absence of an available police officer. The official will then contact the campus police officers at 430-4711 for assistance in the citation being issued. Students and employees who are violating this policy must surrender their student id or employee name badge to the College Official.