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Retention Services

Retention Services

Retention services are provided to meet the individual and collective needs of students while persisting toward credential completion and developing into lifelong learners. The Retention Office provides services to improve student retention and completion among academic programs, student engagement, and student success.

Complementing the efforts of the faculty, students are served through a personalized and structured approach that includes the use of an early alert management system, academic tutoring and assessment, skill development, and student centred workshops.

The Retention Office serves as a liaison that promotes student retention and student success to the campus community.

Planning for Your Success

Whether it’s help with understanding your My Academic Plan (MAP) or knowing your resources, we can help you decide what it takes to be a successful student at Albany Technical College.

Academic Difficulty

We understand that life does not always go as planned. Therefore, you should meet with the Retention Coordinator before making major academic decisions such as withdrawing from a class, changing programs, or when needing academic guidance.

Technical College System of Georgia’s Early Alert Management System


TEAMS is a collaborative web-based early intervention referral process designed to identify and sustain students who may be at-risk of attrition. The goal of TCSG’s Early Alert Management System (TEAMS) is to timely recognize and intervene on recurring attrition concerns and in turn enhance academic performance, retention, and on-time degree completion at Albany Technical College.

At-risk behaviors include:

  • Excessive absences
  • Missing assignments, exams, or homework
  • Has not logged on or has not had enough time on task for an online course
  • Lacking preparation for course
  • Personal crises impacting learning
  • Poor performance

Why do we need an early alert system?

  • At-Risk students often need help on the first day; the sooner you intervene with a struggling student, the better the outcome.
  • Connect at-risk students to relevant campus resources: students receive individualized feedback and contact from Retention, Special Needs/Disability Services, Special Populations, Academic Achievement Center, or academic support staff
  • Early Alert + Early Intervention = Increased Student Retention and Success