Why is appearance important?

  • It determines how people perceive you.
  • May affect peer relationships and productivity.
  • Relates to the career field that you are employed in.

Display appropriate dress for your career field

  • You should be clean and groomed every day
  • Your clothes should be appropriate for your job
  • You should always have correct and polite behavior.

Always practice good hygiene

  • Daily bathing
  • Use deodorant everyday
  • Brush teeth everyday
  • Dress in clean, pressed clothes

Behavior affects appearance

  • Do not interrupt other while they are talking
  • Do not carry on side conversations while someone is talking
  • Consider others feelings when you make comments or decisions
  • Be respectful to others
  • Avoid arguments and disagreements
  • Provide assistance when you can
  • Use terms like “please” and “thank you”