Phase I: QEP Planning & Development

2018 July - December
  • Look at College Data
  • Formation of Topic Selection Committee
2019 January – December
  • Analyze College Data
  • View QEP Topics from other Colleges
  • Launch & Analyzed Surveys
  • Identified QEP Topic, Subcommittees & Members
2020 January - December
  • Announced QEP topic college wide
  • QEP Redesigned Sub-committee revamped the College Success Course
  • Begun writing the QEP
  • Pilot revision of College Success Course was started in the Summer semester 2020 courses
  • Logo survey results were introduced campus wide, and to board members and foundation members
  • Send copies of Published QEP Report to SACSCOC and QEP lead evaluator.

Phase II: QEP Implementation

2020 January-December
  • Course Redesign of College Success course will be implemented to Diploma students
  • QEP Director and Assessment committee will conduct formal review of assessment plan
  • Complete yearly report

Phase III: QEP Expansion

2022 January - December
  • Implementation of College Success course will become mandatory for both beginning Diploma and AAS degree students at 0 credit offerings.
  • QEP Director will analyze data from College Success Courses and tracks student retention and progression rates for the AY.
  • Professional Development (Brainstorming session-all instructors, advisement staff, students, and leadership team). Get everyone’s ideas about changes to course (best practices)
  • Complete yearly report
2023 January - December
  • Director and faculty members will analyze assessments.
  • QEP Director, Assessment sub-committee and faculty members will analyze assessments to see if any improvement is needed from Spring semester
  • Complete yearly report
2024 JJanuary - December
  • QEP Director, assessment sub-committee, and faculty members will analyze assessments from Fall semester
  • Complete yearly report
2025 January - December
  • QEP Director, assessment sub-committee and faculty members will analyze assessments from Fall semester and make improvements if needed. Any additional assignments will be added at this time
  • Start working on 5-year report