Emergency Preparedness, Health, Safety and Security

The Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) and each of its associated technical colleges and work units are committed to healthy, safe and secure workplaces and/or educational settings for all employees, students, volunteers, visitors, vendors and contractors. The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) mitigates the damage of potential events that could endanger the ability of a work unit or technical college function. Each technical college or work unit shall develop, review and submit, at least annually to the System Office, those plans and procedures which are essential to respond to matters of natural and man-made hazards; public health; occupational and environmental safety as well as security. These plans and procedures shall be established with the goals of mitigating risk to individuals and physical resources as well as of maintaining compliance with national, state and local regulations. The Commissioner is directed to develop procedures necessary to implement the provisions of this policy.

The Albany Technical College (ATC) Comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan (CEOP) is designed for use by the entire college community. The CEOP establishes standard operating guidelines, based on existing policies and procedures, for the response to an emergency impacting the College. The CEOP describes the emergency management roles and responsibilities of the entire college community and provides a strategy to be prepared as possible for the most likely hazards. The CEOP is designed to protect lives and property through effective use of college, local, state and federal resources.

Since an emergency may be sudden and without warning, the CEOP is intended to be flexible in order to accommodate contingencies of various types and magnitudes. The ATC CEMP does not limit the use of good judgment and common sense in matters not foreseen or covered by the elements of the plan.

2023-2024 Emergency Operations Plan
Avian Flu Pandemic Plan