Overview of Campus Safety & Security

In accordance with the guidelines established by Albany Technical College and pursuant to federal law, identified as the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1998 (Attachment I), all currently enrolled students, campus employees, and all prospective students and prospective employees are entitled to request and receive a copy of the Annual Clery Campus Security Report (“Clery Report”). The report contains crime statistics about specified crimes/incidents that have been reported to Albany Technical College Police Department in Albany, Georgia and/or campus security authorities over the past three years.

For the protection of the campus community, Albany Technical College maintains a police presence on campus at all times. Albany Technical College premises are protected by the Albany Technical College Police Department and by Dynamic Security (for after-hours coverage). Campus Police Officers are certified law enforcement officers with full powers of arrest. Police Officers actively patrol the campus and learning centers, issue citations, investigate crime, and provide assistance as needed. It is the administration and the Police Officers' responsibility to enforce Georgia law and campus rules. The College maintains an excellent working relationship with city and state law enforcement authorities for crime reporting and investigation purposes.

For police assistance on the Albany Technical College campus, faculty, staff, students, and visitors should contact campus security at 229.430.1727. After business hours and/or holidays, persons in need of Police assistance may contact Dynamic Security at 229.809.6545 or 911. On the following learning centers, persons in need of police assistance should dial the Police Department by dialing the telephone number indicated below, or 911.

Baker County Adult Learning Center 229.734.5331
Calhoun County Adult Learning Center 229.835.2323
Clay County Adult Learning Center 229.768.2505
Lee County Adult Learning Center 229.759.6012
Randolph County Adult Learning Center 229.732.2323
Terrell County Adult Learning Center 229.995.4414

Drug and Alcohol Policy

In accordance with Public Law 101-226, Section 22, Albany Technical College declares itself a Drug and Alcohol-Free campus. No student may engage in the unlawful manufacture, possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol on the College’s property or as part of any of its sponsored activities. Such lawful activity may be considered grounds for serious punitive action, including expulsion. The policy extends to vehicles, as well as clinical affiliates. Specifically, in the case of a drug-related offense, the student shall be suspended for the remainder of the semester and forfeit any academic credit for that period.

Weapons Policy

The Technical College System of Georgia and its associated technical colleges haves certain restrictions for the possession of a firearm and expressly prohibit weapons, or explosive compounds/materials on any technical college campus (including all satellite campuses/off-site work units), within the designated school safety zone, or at any technical college sanctioned function in a manner contrary to state or federal law. Where there is more than one definition of a weapon applicable to the item in question, the technical colleges will consider the item a weapon if it fits any definition in the Georgia Code.

ATC Police will initiate the appropriate criminal action against any person found in violation of this state felony law. (Georgia Code 16-11-127.1) (H13280)