Faculty & Staff Directory

Emmett Griswold, Ed.D. President
Natasha Price Executive Assistant, Office of the President
Michelle Williams Executive Director for Institutional Advancement
Teresa McDonald Administrative Support Specialist
Angela Davis Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness
Brandi Brown Administrative Assistant
Nicole Washington Director of Research, Planning and Grants Management
Bobby Ellis Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Lisa Lofton Marketing Specialist
Denise Brooks Graphic Designer
Jason Cadogan Multimedia Specialist/Webmaster
Kathy Skates Vice President of Administration/Chief Financial Officer
Katina Bell Administrative Assistant to VP of Administration/Cashier
Kim Purvis Business Office Manager
Phillip Monfort Bookstore Coordinator
VACANT Director of Accounting
Tanya Collins Accounts Payable Technician
Amy Lovelace Accounts Receivable Technician
Jill Moore Accounting Manager, Property
Venesia McCoy Payroll Specialist
Monica Harper Business Office Accountant
Lataria Candidate Budget Analyst Director of Compliance Reporting & Financial Analysis
Marchelle Bentley Purchasing Manager
Lola Edwards Human Resources Director
Dorene Aquino Human Resources Coordinator
Michael Alligood Director of Facilities
Tanya Collins Administrative Assistant/Facilities
Jeffrey Bennett Groundskeeper
Dennis Gore Custodian
Tonya Logue Custodian
Solomon Griffin Custodian
Renee Terrell Lead Custodian
Lisa Thomas Custodian
Clyde Monds Custodian
Tim Morrison Maintenance Supervisor
Richard Shuemake Maintenance Technician
Anthony Williams Maintenance Technician
VACANT Night Floor Technician
Walter Watts Floor Technician
Bob Taylor Director of Information Technology
VACANT Network Administrator
Vincent Hollis Technical Support Specialist
Andre Thompson AV Technical Support Specialist
LaShawnda Ethridge Chief of Police
Santos Ruiz Gonzalez Campus Police Sergeant
Matt Trice, CEDT Vice President of Center for Business Solutions
Gary Fragé, Ph.D., CEDT Academic Dean of Center for Business Solutions/Chair/Instructor, Business Logistics Management
Tracy Wallace Director, Continuing Education
Cindy Hughes Administrative Assistant
Lisa Harrell Vice President for Academic Affairs
Carol Nix Administrative Assistant/VP of Academic Affairs
Lisa Stephens Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Kristi LeBlanc Administrative Assistant/Dean of Academic Affairs
Lynn Miller Dean of Academic Affairs
Yolonda Bell Administrative Assistant/Dean of Academic Affairs
Kenneth Singleton Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Carolyn Miles Administrative Assistant/Dean of Academic Affairs
Tomekia Cooper Dean of Academic Affairs
Liala Walker Administrative Assistant/Dean of Academic Affairs
Angela Robinson Dean of Academic Affairs
Dietra Windom Administrative Coordinator for Educational & Personal Services
Don Laye Dean of Evening Operations
Roy Calhoun Dean of Library Media Services
Troycia Webb Dean of Technology in Academics
Kendra King Help Desk Coordinator
Jonathan Johnson A/V Technology Specialist
Jad Dawkins A/V Event Technical Specialist
Carol F. Harrell QEP/Assessment Coordinator
Caitlin Bailey Student Navigator
General Core
Linda Brown Instructor/English
Bummi Anderson Instructor/English
Marla Fowler, Ph.D. Instructor/English
Thomas Clancy Instructor/English
Willa Menefee Instructor/English
Daphnie Miller Instructor/English
Rose Leggett Instructor/Mathematics
Yolanda Roddy Instructor/Mathematics
Noreen McGee Instructor/Mathematics
VACANT Instructor/Psychology
Theodosia Lovett, Ed.D. Instructor/Psychology
Patricia Stewart Instructor/Interpersonal Relations/Psychology
Cassandra Davis-Alexander Instructor/Computer Information Systems
Hilary Halford Instructor/College Success
Business Technologies
Hannah Seo Chair/Instructor/Accounting
Emma Johnson Chair/Instructor/Business Healthcare Technology
Quanta Bell Project Director
Brenetta Butts Achievement Coach
VACANT Achievement Coach
Tammy Dobbins Academic Coordinator
M.A.A.P.P. Grant
Lashea Dancer Project Director
Brittany Dees Allied Health/First Generation Advisor
Construction Academy
VACANT Chair/Instructor/Air Conditioning Technology/Building Maintenance
Ebony Johnson Chair/Instructor/Electrical Construction & Industrial Electrical Technology
Michael Roberts Chair/Instructor/Carpentry & Construction
Clifford Singleton Chair/Instructor/Masonry
VACANT Chair/Instructor/Sustainable Renewable & Alternative Energy
Design Technologies
Joe Bellacomo Chair/Instructor/Design and Media Production Technology
Healthcare Technology
LaToya Brown Instructor/Biology
Tracey Prince Chair/Instructor/Nurse Aide/Allied Health
Dr. Tiffiney Bean Chair/Instructor/Biology
Dr. Shohana Huq Instructor/Biology
Ivey Bradley Chair/Instructor/Dental Assisting
VACANT Instructor/Dental Assisting
Beborah Nieves Chair/Instructor/Health Information Management Technology
LaTonya Harris Chair/Instructor/Medical Assisting
Dialisa Clark Instructor/Medical Assisting
Tracie Naylor-Griffin Chair/Instructor/Paramedicine Technology
Brandon Kent Instructor/Paramedicine Technology
Thad Minick, III Instructor/Paramedicine Technology
Dr. Janee Mobley Chair/Instructor/Pharmacy Technology
Robin Holliday Instructor/Pharmacy Technology
Dr. Latrona Lanier Chair/Associate of Science in Nursing
Natalie Thomas Instructor/Nursing
Angela Tisdol Instructor/Nursing
Dominique Borden Instructor/Nursing
Wanda McNeal Nursing Skills Coordinator
Teresa Darity Chair/Instructor/Practical Nursing
Kaycee Everson Instructor/Practical Nursing
Clarissa Smith Instructor/Practical Nursing
Annette Holloway Instructor/Practical Nursing
LeAnn Watson Chair/Instructor/Radiologic Technology
Allen Grant Jr. Instructor/Radiologic Technology
Lori Massey Chair/Instructor/Surgical Technology
Electronics, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies
Joseph Ford Chair/Instructor/Civil Engineering Technology/Technical Studies
Dr. Bandara Gamini Chair/Instructor/Electronics TechnologyEdrian Mallory
Edrian Mallory Chair/Instructor/Engineering Graphics
VACANT Chair/Instructor/Electrical & Computer Engineering Technology
VACANT Chair/Instructor/Mechatronics
Personal Services Technologies
Arniecesha Price Chair/Instructor/Cosmetology
April Anderson Instructor/Cosmetology
Matthew Beard Chair/Instructor/Culinary Arts
Desmond Searcy Instructor/Culinary Arts
Arkimberly Robinson Instructor/Early Childhood Care & Education
Stephanie Wilkerson Instructor/Early Childhood Care & Education
Marilyn Carter Director Child Development Demo. Center/Early Childhood Care & Education
Melissa Hall Chair/Instructor/Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
Public Safety Technologies
Rashard Flournoy Instructor/Law Enforcement Technology
Ryan Ward Instructor/Law Enforcement Technology
Frank Flanigan Chair/Instructor/Fire Science Technology
Transportation and Metals Technologies
Elliot Bonds Chair/Instructor/Auto Collision Repair
James Miller Chair/Instructor/Automotive Technology
Sterling Burke Instructor/Automotive Technology
Dennis Oliver Chair/Instructor/Commercial Truck Driving
Frank Daniel Instructor/Commercial Truck Driving
Willie Walker Chair/Instructor/Diesel Equipment Technology
Mark Benton Chair/Instructor/Welding & Joining Technology
Barbara Brown Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
VACANT Admin. Assistant/VP Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Floria Hanks Receptionist
VACANT Director of Enrollment
Gloria Gladden Admissions Assistant
Turquoise Small Admissions Assistant
VACANT Admissions Assistant
Beth Davis Director of Student Affairs, Randolph County Learning Center
VACANT Admissions Assistant/Randolph County Learning Center
Nekitdress Morris Testing Specialist/Admissions Assistant
Kierra Sparks Director of Financial Aid
Kimberly Boone Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Brittany Roberts Financial Aid Technician/Va Certifying Official
Jayla Hooper Financial Aid Technician/Va Certifying Official
Cekeya Mack Financial Aid Technician
Kennosha Hawkins Registrar
Alexis Holsey Academic Advisor
Kesha Powers Academic Advisor
Regina Watts Special Needs/Disability Services Coordinator
Yolonda Skinner Special Populations Coordinator
Niquacha Snead Retention Coordinator
Judy Jimmerson Associate Vice President of Career Services
Lashun Sheard Career Services Assistant
Tonya Trueblood Career Services Specialist
Brittany Wright-McGrady High School Coordinator
Nicole Williams-Lockett High School Coordinator
Kenneth Williams Student Activities/Athletics Director
Tiffany Lee Student Life Coordinator
Robert Stark Recruiter
Linda H. Coston Vice President of Adult Education
Sandra Sutton Coordinator, Adult Education
Corrie Schuette Instruction Coordinator, Adult Education
VACANT Secretary, Adult Education
Dwana Trimble Transitional Specialist/Adult Education
Aaron Edmondson Executive Director/Principal of the Academy of Learning and Performance
Crystal Young GED® Pearson Vue Test Chief Administrator
Patricia Gilbert-Parker Instructor/Adult Education
Stacy Harvey Instructor/Adult Education
Beverly Hutcherson Instructor/Adult Education
Corene Westbrook-Milledge Instructor/Adult Education
Arrie B. Newberry, Jr. Instructor/Adult Education
Betty Thornton Instructor/Adult Education
Qadriyyah Qawiy Instructor/Adult Education
Cheryl Foster Instructor/Adult Education (Baker County)
Shawanda Cannon Instructor/Adult Education (Calhoun County)
Daisy Jackson Instructor/Adult Education (Clay County)
Kenneth Hubbard Instructor/Adult Education (Lee County)
Wesley Williams Instructor/Adult Education (Randolph County)
James Parker Instructor/Adult Education (Terrell County)
Dianne Wimes Instructor/Adult Education (Terrell County)