Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available to help eligible students pay for their educational expenses at Albany Technical College. Only U.S. citizens and documented immigrants (eligible non-citizens) can receive financial aid. Financial Aid Advisors will help qualified students apply for the appropriate financial aid program. Application for aid must be completed each academic year, which begins each fall semester and ends with the summer semester. All applications must be completed and processed by the end of the term you attend (summer semester deadline is June 30th.)

The priority deadline to apply for financial assistance is:

Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester
July 1 December 1 April 15

The deadline to apply and submit all required documents is June 30th of that academic year.

Students may get the necessary forms for financial aid in the Financial Aid Office, by email at, or they may be downloaded from the Financial Aid web page, located at If students have any questions, they may call, email, fax or come by the office.

Phone: 229-430-3500, Email:

Mail: 1704 S. Slappey Blvd., Albany GA 31701

Student Rights & Responsibilities

Student Rights

As a student, you have the right to know:

• What financial aid programs are available and how you can qualify for them.

• The deadlines for submitting applications for each of the financial aid programs.

• How financial need was determined and what items were considered in your budget.

• How much of your financial need, as determined by Albany Technical College, has been met.

• What portion of the aid received is a loan and what portion is a grant.

• The amount of the monthly loan payment and when the repayment must start.

• The College’s policies concerning required attendance, enrollment, and academic standing.

• How Albany Technical College determines whether you are making satisfactory progress, what happens if requirements are not met, and how eligibility may be re-established.

• How Albany Technical College distributes student financial aid.

• How and when financial aid will be disbursed.

• Estimated cost for school and text book information.

• Names of accrediting organizations.

• The cost of attendance.

• How Albany Technical College provides purchase required books and supplies by the seventh day.

• The refund/repayment policy.

• How and when you will be paid.

• What services are available to the disabled and veterans.

• Graduation and/or transfer-out-rate for student athletes and the general student population.

• Athletic participation rate and financial support data for intercollegiate athletics.

• Drug and alcohol abuse prevention information.

• Campus security annual report.

• Privacy rights as prescribed by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

• Penalties and institutional policies on copyright infringement.

• Disclosure information on gainful employment programs.

• Campus crime and safety information.

Student Responsibilities

As a student, you have the responsibility to:

• Complete all forms accurately and truthfully.

• Submit all required documents on time.

• Pay special attention to and accurately complete your application for student financial aid.

• Read and understand all documents and forms that must be signed and keep copies of them.

• Accept responsibility for all agreements that you sign.

• Notify Albany Technical College and the lender of any changes in address.

• Know and comply with Albany Technical College refund procedures.

• Perform in a satisfactory manner the work that is agreed upon in accepting a work-study job.

• Know and comply with the deadline for application.

• Notify the Financial Aid Office upon notification that you will receive additional funds from sources outside our office.

Applying for Financial Aid Assistance

All students must complete and have processed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), every year before we can offer federal and state financial aid. The FAFSA is good for only 1 academic year (Fall semester – Summer semester). Applications must be completed and processed by the end of the semester you attend (summer semester must be completed by June 30th). Students must also list our school code 005601 on the FAFSA. The FAFSA must be completed at in order for us to obtain your financial aid data. Deadline dates for having a complete application on file are July 1 (Fall Semester and Academic Year), December 1 (Spring Semester), and April 15 (Summer Semester).

When completing the FAFSA, it is strongly encouraged that students and parents use the IRS Data retrieval Tool. This option will allow students to import federal tax information from the IRS to complete their application. Once Albany Technical College receives the results of your FAFSA, an email will be sent to your campus and FAFSA email addresses.

Some students will be required to complete the process of Verification. Verification is the process in which the Financial Aid Office must verify that the information on the FAFSA is accurate. If you are selected for Verification, you must complete the Verification process before any awards will be finalized. The Financial Aid Office will contact you by email if any additional documents are needed to complete your file. The Financial Aid Office will submit any and all changes required as a result of Verification. When you submit any documents to the office, please make sure that your name and student ID number are included on all documents. Students may check Banner Student Web to download forms and check the status of required documents.

If your FAFSA is selected for verification and you did not use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, you will need to submit an IRS Federal Tax Return or tax return transcript. An email will be sent to you listing the additional documents that are needed. The IRS Federal Tax Return transcript can be acquired at the IRS Office, by phone at 1-800-908-9946, or online at When completing the request, the address used on the request must match the address on the tax return, even if that address does not match with FAFSA.

Please check our web page at, click on Admissions, then click on Financial Aid, for the most current information.