Academic Appeals

Grade Appeals

Final grades or other academic decisions may be appealed as follows:

The student may raise the issue with the instructor who awarded the grade by making an informal effort to correct the error with the instructor who issued the grade within three (3) business days from the date the grades were posted. If the informal efforts of the student and faculty member have not produced a satisfactory resolution, a formal Academic Appeals Request should be filed with the Academic Dean within 5 business days of talking with the instructor. The grade change must be made within one semester after the grade was initially earned. All grade changes must be submitted and processed during the first 10 days of classes of the following semester. Any changes after the first 10 days of the following semester will not be included in the SAP calculation until the next semester of attendance. The instructor is responsible for securing all signatures required on the Grade Change Request form before submitting the form to the Office of Academic Affairs. Students are not allowed to secure these signatures.

The decision of the Vice President for Academic Affairs shall be final. If a student is still not satisfied with any resolution of an appeal, he or she may contact the President of Albany Technical College at (229) 430-0656.

Academic Probation

A student who fails to maintain the required grade point average in a particular program may be placed on academic probation. A student who fails to improve his or her academic performance after being placed on probation shall be suspended or dismissed from either the academic program or Albany Technical College.

In appropriate circumstances, a student may be dismissed from an academic program or the College without first being placed on probation. A student who is dismissed from the College may appeal the suspension or dismissal by filing an Academic Appeals Request form with the Student Navigator in the Academic Advisement Center within two weeks from the date of learning of the suspension or dismissal, or two weeks from the date that he/she should reasonably have known of the date of suspension or dismissal.