Graduation Policy

Graduation exercises are scheduled for the end of Fall and Spring terms. All certificate, diploma, and degree students must achieve regular admission status before applying for graduation. Each student must submit an application for graduation to the office of the ATC registrar when they have pre-registered for their last class. Filing deadlines are March 15th for the Spring ceremony, June 15th for the summer semester (participation in the Fall ceremony), and October 15th for the Fall ceremony. Degree & Diploma students are expected to complete a Career Portfolio prior to graduation as a tool for success in employment. Program advisors will provide details about specific portfolio requirements for each program. Students must also visit the ATC Career Center to complete a Leaver form, and complete an Exit Interview at the Financial Aid office. Once the application is received, the Registrar will perform a graduation audit to determine graduation status. A graduation application processing fee of $40.00 is due at filing. Only those students participating in the graduation ceremony will receive a diploma cover. Diploma covers are available for purchase in the Registrar’s Office for $10.00 each for those students not participating or those that would like more than one.

The college recognizes honor graduates of degree and diploma programs when they maintain the following overall GPA's. Honors with Distinction: 3.75-3.94, and Presidential Scholar: 3.95-4.00.

In order to be eligible for graduation, each student must satisfactorily complete the program of study as outlined in the state standards. An overall grade point average of at least 2.0 is required for graduation. Upon request to the registrar, a student may receive a copy of their official transcript.

Graduates only receive ONE free cap and gown during their ATC tenure. Students that graduate multiple times must purchase additional graduation regalia if needed.

Residency Requirements for Graduation

To receive a credential from Albany Technical College, it is required that a student completes a minimum of 25 percent of the coursework of a particular program from Albany Technical College.

Forfeiture of Credit

By registering for a course for which the student has already received credit, a student forfeits the previous credit in that course for graduation purposes unless that grades is their best attempt. The student's official grade in the course will be the best grade earned. Although both grades remain on the record and are computed in the quality point average, only the best attempt will be calculated for the purpose of graduation requirements.

Award Reprints

The first degree, diploma or certificate is provided at no cost. A fee of $25.00 will be charged for each additional reprint.