Student Services

The Division of Student Services provides the following services: recruitment and admissions, orientation, testing, career advising, job placement, student records, service projects, high school programs, special needs, and retention counseling.

Career Development Center

Albany Technical College’s Career Services Department is committed to assisting active students and graduates in the pursuit of suitable, rewarding employment. While the Career Services Office does not guarantee all students employment upon graduation, the Career Services staff, along with instructional staff, constantly seeks to assist students with employment opportunities before and after graduation.

The Career Services Office will conduct follow-ups on graduates and employers each semester. These surveys ensure that Albany Technical College is achieving its educational objective of providing students and graduates with the skills necessary to perform in a competitive workforce environment. The Career Services Office maintains a database of potential employers in addition to Internet access of employment Web sites. Contact Judy Jimmerson at 229-430-3514 or for more details.

The Career Development Center offers a variety of programs designed to assist students and graduates in developing and managing effective career planning and resources. The Career Center maintains full-time and part-time job vacancy announcements as well as individualized job search assistance, resume writing, cover letters, on-line job search and applications. Students and graduates are encouraged to regularly check the job vacancy board to stay current with employment opportunities.

The Career Development Center (CCT) is located at the south entrance of the Dougherty County Campus. The Center is open Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm and Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. Students may schedule appointments if necessary, but walk-ins are welcome.

Services include:

• Job Preparation Assistance

• Career Portfolio Development

• Resume Writing Assistance

• Career Development Workshops

• Employment Referrals

• Job Vacancies Postings

• Career Fairs and Recruitment Events

• Networking Tips

• Dressing for Success Tips

• Interviewing Tips

• Employer follow-up to include Thank You Letters

Academic Advisement Center

The Albany Technical College Academic Advisement Center provides a supportive atmosphere which promotes the educational development of the students to prepare them to be work-force ready. The staff in the Academic Advisement Center strives to provide services to all students to ensure that they receive professional assistance in navigating through curricula and college requirements toward graduation and placement. Online Success Coaches assist a diverse population of students with the enhancement of their academic, career, and personal development. Through academic advising, the staff empowers (guides) students to develop and implement sound educational plans that are consistent with their personal values, goals and career plans. The Academic Advisement Center is located in the Nathaniel Cross Building.

Special Populations Program

Special Populations Coordinator provides services to students in the following areas:

Single Parent, out-of-workforce individuals, English learners, homeless individuals, youth who are in or have aged out of foster care, youth with a parent in the armed Single Parent, out-of-workforce individuals, English learners, homeless individuals, youth who are in or have aged out of foster care, youth with a parent in the armed forces and on active duty, economically disadvantaged and students enrolled in a non-traditional program for their gender. The Special Populations Coordinator will provide guidance, referral services, and basic counseling/career advisement to students in these areas. Students will be provided individualized academic assessment, educational advising for participants, career trends/awareness for educational success while enrolled at Albany Technical College. Contact Yolonda Skinner at 229-430-6144 or email for more details.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for reasonable special accommodations to help ensure their academic success. However, it is the student’s responsibility to disclose his/her disability prior to registering for classes at Albany Technical College to assure that accommodations or assistive technology devices are provided in a timely manner. The Special Needs Coordinator is available to provide assistance and services to ensure accessibility and to meet the diverse needs of students with disabilities who are interested in and can benefit from the many programs offered at Albany Technical College. Services may include, but are not limited to, providing special equipment and support, testing accommodations, agency referrals, architectural accessibility and individual accommodation planning. All College activities, programs, services and organizations are open to all students, including those who have disabilities. The disability services office is located in Room 159 in the Kirkland Building, ADM Building, and is open during regular business hours throughout the academic year. Contact ATC’s Director of Special Needs & LEAP program at 229-430-2854 or email for more details.

English As A Second Language

Students with Limited English Proficiency may receive assistance to facilitate their admission and participation in Albany Technical College’s programs of study and activities. Assistance is provided through the peer tutorial program as well as individual accommodation the instructional setting. Students may receive assistance by contacting the Director of Special Needs & LEAP program. Please call Regina Watts, 229-430-2854 for more details.

Retention Services

The Office of Retention provides requested and referred services to students for assistance with problems that prevents program completion and graduation. Occasionally, students are faced with making decisions in which they need assistance such as: uncertainty of program choice, poor grades, inability to concentrate, lack of study skills, financial aid concerns, personal or social situations, future educational plans, withdrawing from a course, and academic guidance. If a student needs assistance, he or she should contact the Retention Coordinator; student referrals are welcomed from faculty and staff. The Office of Retention is located in the Kirkland Administration Building Room 157. Students may contact Vanessa Floyd directly via phone 229.430.3558 or by email for assistance.

Student Tracking and Retention Services

Starting college is a new experience and like all new experiences, it can be both exciting and challenging at the same time. With the right support, new students can overcome these initial hurdles and get the most out of their college education. Although the STARS program aims to assist all first-semester students, the STARS team provides services to all departments campus wide to develop initiatives to support the program’s overarching goals that benefits all students. By approaching student success from all angles, the STARS team is able to meet a greater number of individual needs spread far beyond a student’s first semester of study. The STARS teams talks to students about their social, personal, or academic lives, and help students identify ways to balance competing priorities. Students may also be referred to outside agencies that can better assist in addressing the problem area(s). The STARS team consist of Vanessa Floyd, Yolonda Skinner, and Regina Watts; each individual is committed to help first year students develop self-advocacy and accountability skills needed throughout college. A STARS representative can be reached via email at one of the following email addresses:

• Vanessa Floyd (Retention Coordinator):

• Yolonda Skinner (Special Population):

• Regina Watts (Director of Special Needs & LEAP program) :

The STARS program targets first-semester students and consists of three key objectives:

1. Encourage the development of academic competence

2. Provide ongoing orientation to campus resources and services

3. Help to identify at-risk students early on that require additional support

Academic Achievement Center

The Academic Achievement Center (AAC) provides resources for the reinforcement of Reading, English, and Math skills and also offers help with historically difficult courses such as COMP 1000 and Anatomy and Physiology. Students receive dedicated, expert assistance from a staff of professionals and student (peer) tutors.

New applicants who are not satisfied with their entrance exam scores can visit the AAC to brush up on basics before retesting. Those who choose to take advantage of these services have great success rates. The facility located in Room 110 of Freedom Hall contains individual study rooms and computer labs for student use.

Anthony O. Parker, Ph.D. Library Media Center

The Anthony O. Parker, Ph.D. Library Media Center provides access to resources that support the curriculum of Albany Technical College. Resources are accessed onsite and online. Some of the library services are as follows:

  1. Circulation services
    • Borrow, renew, hold, recall, return library materials
    • Appeal fines
    • Lamination
    • Reserves
    • Interlibrary loans
    • Fax (Academic use only)
  2. Reference
    • Bibliographic Instruction
    • Research assistance
    • Tours
    • Workshops
    • Online tutorial
    • Displays
  3. Copying/Printing
    • Copyright restrictions
    • Debit card operated copier
    • Restricted printing
  4. Study Spaces
    • Study in groups or alone
    • Study rooms
  5. Media Services
    • Collections of audiovisual materials
    • Media services for faculty
  6. Special Needs
    • Accommodation for individuals who require assistance for disabilities

ATC students and patrons from ATC Library Cooperative Agreements Institutions (Albany State University and Dougherty County Public Library) may utilize library services. Currently enrolled students are required to present a valid ID card and other persons must present a valid Georgia driver's license and Student ID or library card. In accordance with ATC policy, children are not allowed to accompany patrons in the library.