Basic Firefighter - Emergency Services Fundamentals FRSC 1020

3 Credits

This course provides the student with information on the applicable laws, policies, and standards that the Firefighter I course is designed, and how the course will be administered. This course will provide the student basic knowledge of where and how the fire service originated from the colonial periods to present day firefighting operations. The student will learn basic roles and responsibilities of a firefighter, how firefighters have to abide by and work from standard operating procedures and guidelines, and how the chain of command works and their position within it. The student will be provided the knowledge on how to communicate within the fire service; whether it with the fire station or on the fire ground. This course provides the emergency responder with basic principles and functions of the Incident Command System. The course will provide the necessary knowledge and skills to operate within the ICS and their role within the ICS at the fire station, at a non-emergency scene, and at emergency scenes. It will provide also provide the emergency responder with knowledge on how to perform basic skills at emergency scenes that deal with infection control, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, basic first aid measures, and using an AED. Finally, it will provide the emergency responder skills and knowledge on how to recognize the presence of and the potential for a hazardous materials release, and how and who personnel should call. Upon completion of this course the student emergency responder candidate/recruit will have the basic skills and knowledge to be able to obtain a certificate of completion or become certified through the appropriate governing agency for the following: 1. Infection Control 2. CPR 3. First Aid 4. ICS-100 5. IS-700 6. NPQ - Hazardous Materials for First Responders Awareness Level This course meets the requirements NFPA 1001 Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications and all other state, local, and provincial occupational health and safety regulatory requirements.

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