Fire Prevention, Preparedness and Maintenance FRSC 1060

3 Credits

This course provides the student with the necessary skills of fire prevention, emergency scene preparedness, and tool and equipment maintenance. Specifically addressed are the following topics: basic principles of building construction; knowledge of water supply systems to include pressurized systems, rural water supplies, and alternative water supplies; perform hydrant flow tests as part of water flow assessments for water supplies coming from pressurized hydrants; discuss fire detection, suppression, and suppression systems; consolidate all knowledge to perform a pre-incident plan of a facility; selection of proper tools and techniques of cleaning and proper maintenance of those tools; discuss hoselines, nozzles, and fire streams to perform hoseline lays with proper nozzles attached and select the proper fire stream for the class of fire encountered on various types of fire scenes; and service testing of fire hoses. Finally, this course will conclude fire cause determination to gain necessary knowledge and skills to perform a fire investigation to determine the point of origin and the cause of a fire in a structure. To participate in this course the student must also attain national certification of Firefighter I status or successful completion of FRSC 1020, FRSC 1030, FRSC 1040 and FRSC 1141.

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