Green Construction GRBT 1110

7 Credits

This course will provide students with skills necessary to design and build crafted, healthy, safe, durable, comfortable, green built houses for the 21st century using appropriate climate specific building materials, systems, and technologies, this is a progressive and innovative residential building course that teaches practical, applied hands-on skills to actually construct an environmentally responsive house on a residential building site. Students will clear and layout a house on a building site, rough-in temporary utilities, and select and install select building materials, systems and technologies to build a foundation, and construct a high performance building enclosure. Students will install house wrap, and rigid insulation sheathing to create thermal, air, and moisture barriers based on best building science practices and climate zone. Students will also correctly install doors, windows, and roofing materials, with proper flashing techniques, to dry-in a residential buildingenclosure. At a minimum, the goal is to have the house dried-in by the end of the course.

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