Green Construction II GRBT 1130

7 Credits

This course will provide students with skills necessary to design and build crafted, healthy, safe, durable, comfortable, green built houses in the 21st century using appropriate, climate specific building materials, systems, and technologies. This is a progressive and innovative residential building course that teaches practical, applied, hands-on skills to act6ually construct an environmentally responsive house on a residential building site. Students will complete the exterior and interior finish construction of a house. This includes installing exterior finishes such as: roofing materials, exterior windows and doors, thermal and moisture barriers, exterior trim and claddings, deck construction, concrete flatwork, and rain water harvesting system, etc. Students also install interior finishes such as: drywall, finish trim and hardware, floor coverings, bathroom accessories, lighting fixtures, shelving, appliances and painting, etc. Students assist subcontractors with installing: HVAC systems, electrical house wiring and finish, plumbing fixtures, insulation, cabinets, and the HVAC distribution system for air leakage, and verify with select national energy efficient, green building and indoor air quality certification programs.

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