Building Analyst Professional GRBT 1140

3 Credits

This course is primarily intended for those wanting to become residential and small comercial performance improvement technicians. The course prepares the technician to conduct a comprehensive energy audit and performance assessment of abuilding using state-of-the art diadnostic tools. The analysis include a comprehensive evaluation of the built environment, which includes assessment of the efficiency andsafety of the mechanical systems, applicances, lighting, and the building enclosure and it's components. Energy efficient assessments determine the buiding annual base and seasonal energy usage, and hel[ determine potential energy savings, and indoor environmental quality improvements. Building science fundamentals and house-as-a-system approach to identifying and solving indoor air quality, comfort, energy efficiency, and durability concerns in both new and exisiting houses and buildings is emphasized. This training teaches skills that can help develop new business opportunitiesthat provide weatherization retrofit services to improve the health, safety, comfort, durability, and energy efficiency performance of existing h omes or buildings. This course also helps to prepare students for the national Building Performance Institute (BPI) exam.

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