Radiographic Imaging RADT 1075

Prerequisites: RADT 1010, RADT 1030, RADT 1065, RADT 1320

4 Credits

The content of this course introduces factors that govern and influence the production of the radiographic image using analog and digital radiographic equipment found in diagnostic radiology. Emphasis will be placed on knowledge and techniques required to produce high quality diagnostic radiographic images. Topics include: Image quality (radiographic density; radiographic contrast; recorded detail; distortion; grids; image receptors and holders (analog and digital); processing considerations (analog and digital); image acquisition (analog, digital, and PACS); image analysis; image artifacts (analog and digital); Guidelines for selecting exposure factors and evaluating images within a digital system will assist students to bridge between film-based and digital imaging systems. Factors that impact image acquisition, display, archiving and retrieval are discussed. Laboratory experiences will demonstrate applications of theoretical principles and concepts.

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