Introduction to UNIX & Linux with Scripting WLET 1000

4 Credits

This course introduces the UNIX/Linux operating system skills necessary to perform entry-level user functions. Topics include: history of UNIX/Linux, login and logout, the user environment, user password change, the file system, hierarchy tree, editors, file system commands as they relate to navigating the file system tree, UNIX/Linux manual help pages, using the UNIX/Linux graphical desktop, and command options. In addition, the student must be able to perform directory and file displaying, creation, deletion, redirection, copying, moving, linking files, wildcards, determining present working directory and changing directory locations. Finally, the student will learn UNIX/Linux shell programming techniques necessary to understand and create shell script programs in an UNIX/Linux environment. Topics include: shell variables, shell script programs, logical and math operators, redirection and piping, and use of backslash, quotes and back quotes.

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