Basic Electronics Technician (BB71)  Technical Certificate of Credit

(Stand Alone and Embedded in Electronics Technology AAS and Electronics Technology Diploma)

Program Description:

TheBasic Electronics Technician Certificate will give students a basic understanding of electronic circuits. Students will take courses on DC circuits, AC circuits and soldering techniques. This will prepare them for a career as an Electrician Technician 1 or equivalent.

Entrance date: Each semester

Program admission requirements:

Minimum Test Scores

Writing 236 Reading Comprehension 55
Arithmetic 229 Arithmetic 34

High School diploma or equivalent required for admission.

Credits Required for Graduation: 14

Occupational Courses 14
ELCR 1005

Develops the ability to solder and desolder connectors, components, and printed circuit boards using industry standards. Topics include: safety practices, soldering, desoldering, anti-static grounding, and surface mount techniques.

ELCR 1010

This course provides instruction in the theory and practical application of simple and complex direct current circuitry. Topics include laboratory safety practices and procedures, electrical laws and principles, DC test equipment basic series, parallel and combination circuits, complex series and parallel circuits, and DC theorems.

ELCR 1020
Prerequisite: ELCR 1010

This course introduces the theory and application of varying sine wave voltages and current, and continues the development of AC concepts with emphasis on constructing, verifying, and troubleshooting reactive circuits using RLC theory and practical application. Topics include AC wave generation, frequency and phase relationship, impedance, admittance, and conductance power factors, reactive components simple RLC circuits, AC circuit resonance, passive filters, and non-sinusoidal wave forms.

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