Central Sterile Supply Processing Technician (CSB1)  Technical Certificate of Credit


Program Description:

The Central Sterile Supply Processing Technician Technical Certificate of Credit is designed to provide entry-level training that will prepare graduates to function in the sterile supply processing and distribution areas of healthcare facilities. The program is based on theory and clinical instruction that will apply scientific principles to the specific work area. Theory classes with laboratory participatory classes will prepare students for clinical application of skills and knowledge in healthcare facilities.

Entrance date:

Core courses: Each semester

Occupationally specific courses: Fall semester

Program admission requirements:

Minimum Test Scores

Writing 236 Reading Comprehension 64
Arithmetic 235 Arithmetic 40

High School diploma or equivalent required for admission.

Applicant must be at least 17 years old.

Credits required for graduation: 9

Beginning Spring 2022 (January 2022), ALL FIRST TIME college students will be required to take the College Success (COLL 1020) course.

*NOTE: Students completing this TCC will be eligible to apply to take the IAHCSMM certification exam.

Courses 12 credits
ALHS 1090

Introduces the elements of medical terminology. Emphasis is placed on building familiarity with medical words through knowledge of roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Topics include: origins (roots, prefixes, and suffixes), word building, abbreviations and symbols, and terminology related to the human anatomy.

CSSP 1010

This course provides an overview of the Central Sterile Processing and Distribution profession and develops the fundamental concepts and principles necessary to successfully participate as an entry level Central Sterile Processing Technician. Emphasis will be placed on the profession of Central Sterile Processing, basic sciences and related subjects, infection control, aseptic technique, equipment management, sterilization, instrumentation and supplies, legal issues, inventory management, safety, quality assurance, professional development and healthcare trends. Students completing this course will be eligible to apply to take the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management (IAHCSMM) certification exam.

EMPL 1000

Emphasizes human relations and professional development in today's rapidly changing world that prepares students for living and working in a complex society. Topics include human relations skills, job acquisition skills and communication, job retention skills, job advancement skills, and professional image skills.

COLL 1020

Prepares students for success in college, on the job, and in the community. Topics include information access, basic computer skills, academic strategies, financial literacy, career exploration, and civic engagement. A Student Success Plan is the capstone project.

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