Commercial Truck Driving and Owner Operator (CT81)  Technical Certificate of Credit

(Stand-alone only)

Program Description:

The Commercial Truck Driving and Owner Operator certificate program provides basic training in the principles and skills of commercial truck operations and requirements to be an owner/operator. The program is based on the definition of a truck driver as one who operates a commercial motor vehicle of all different sizes and descriptions of all types of roads. The program prepares students for the Georgia CDL Skills Exam.

Entrance date: Each semester

Program admission requirements:

Minimum Test Scores

ACCUPLACER NEXT GENERATION– Reading 224 ACCUPLACER- Reading Comprehension 36
Writing 236 Sentence Skills 30
Arithmetic 229 Arithmetic 23

Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

Prospective students should be advised that the FMCSA regulates commercial driver licensing and requires dOT physical and drug test and satisfactory MVR prior to the issuance of a cDL or learners permit, which is required prior to beginning in-the-truck training. Further, random drug testing is requried during the course of the cTD program.

No High School diploma or equivalent required for admission.

Credits required for graduation: 16

Beginning Spring 2022 (January 2022), ALL FIRST TIME college students will be required to take the College Success (COLL 1020) course.

Courses 16 credits
CTDL 1010

Fundamentals of Commercial Driving introduces students to the transportation industry, federal and state regulations, records and forms, industrial relations, and other non-driving activities. This course provides an emphasis on safety that will continue throughout the program.

CTDL 1021
Corequisite: CTDL 1010

This course familiarizes students with truck instruments and controls and performing basic maneuvers required to drive safely in a controlled environment and on the Driving Range. Each student must demonstrate proficiency in performing range operations such as operating a tractor trailer through clearance maneuvers, backing, turning, parallel parking and coupling/uncoupling.

CTDL 1031
Corequisite: CTDL 1021

Advanced Operations develops students' driving skills under actual road conditions. The classroom part of the course stresses following safe operating practices. These safe operating practices are integrated into the development of driving skills on the road. Each student must demonstrate proficiency in required behind-the-wheel (BTW) skills such as operating a commercial vehicle safely on public roads through a variety of maneuvers.

EMPL 1000

Emphasizes human relations and professional development in today's rapidly changing world that prepares students for living and working in a complex society. Topics include human relations skills, job acquisition skills and communication, job retention skills, job advancement skills, and professional image skills.

MGMT 2150

This course introduces the essentials of starting, managing, and growing a small business. Topics include: the role of the entrepreneur, pricing, advertising, financing, and layout of facilities, inventory control, staffing, purchasing, vendor selection, and relevant laws affecting small business.

CTDL 1071

Commercial Truck Owner/Operator Permitting and Endorsements introduces students to the requirements of being an owner/operator in the transportation industry, federal and state regulations, permitting, records and forms, industrial relations, and other non-driving activities.

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