Java Programmer (JP11)  Technical Certificate of Credit

(Embedded in Computer Programming Diploma and Degree)

Program Description:

The Java Programmer certificate provides the opportunity for students and IT professionals to add Java program language skills and object-oriented programming skills to their IT knowledge base. Completers of this certificate are Java Programmers.

Entrance date: Each semester

Program admission requirements:

Minimum Test Scores

Writing 236 Reading Comprehension 55
Arithmetic 229 Arithmetic 34

High School diploma or equivalent required for admission.

Credits required for graduation: 22

Courses 22 credits
CIST 1305

An introductory course that provides problem solving and programming concepts for those that develop user applications. An emphasis is placed on developing logic, troubleshooting, and using tools to develop solutions. Topics include: problem solving and programming concepts, structured programming, the four logic structures, file processing concepts, and arrays.

CIST 1510

Explores the concepts of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), XML, and HTML following the current standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for developing inter-linking web pages that include graphical elements, hyperlinks, tables, forms, and image maps.

CIST 1220
Prerequisites: COMP 1000, CIST 1001, CIST 1305

Includes basic database design concepts and solving database retrieval and modification problems using the SQL language. Topics include: database Vocabulary, Relational Database Design, Date retrieval using SQL, Data Modification using SQL, Developing and Using SQL Procedures.

CIST 2371
Prerequisite: CIST 1305

This course is designed to teach the basic concepts and methods of objected-oriented design and Java programming. Use practical problems to illustrate Java application building techniques and concepts. Develop an understanding of Java vocabulary. Create an understanding of where Java fits in the application development landscape. Create an understanding of the Java Development Kit and how to develop, debug, and run Java applications using the JDK. Continue to develop student's programming logic skills. Topics include: JAVA Language History, JAVA Variable Definitions, JAVA Control Structures, JAVA Methods, JAVA Classes, JAVA Objects, and JAVA Graphics.

CIST 2372
Prerequisite: CIST 2371

This course is an intermediate course in Java Programming. It is assumed that the student knows the Java syntax as well as basic object oriented concepts. The student will use classes and objects provided by the core Java API. They will use these classes to accomplish tasks such as Database access, File access, exception handling, running threads, using sockets to talk across a network, and remotely calling methods using RMI techniques.

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Program Chair

Chair/Instructor Computer Programming, Networking & Information Technology Professional
CEIT Building, Room 201

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