Landscape Design Technician Certificate (LDT1)  Technical Certificate of Credit

(Ending Sprng 2022)

(Standalone & Embedded in Horticulture Diploma & Degree)

Program Description:

Prepare graduates for challenging careers in the expanding field of Landscaping and Garden Centers. Students will design and construct landscapes using a variety of different techniques and construction materials. Students will also develop contemporary business concepts as they apply to landscape and garden centers.

Entrance date: Each semester

Program admission requirements:

Minimum Test Scores

Writing 236 Reading Comprehension 55
Arithmetic 229 Arithmetic 34

Credits required for graduation: 22

Courses 22 credits
HORT 1010

Provides the basis for a fundamental understanding of the taxonomy, identification, and culture requirements of woody plants. Topics include: introduction to woody plants, classification of woody plants, and woody plant identification and culture requirements.

HORT 1020

Emphasizes the identification,selection,and cultural requirements of herbaceous plants. Topics include: introduction to herbaceous plants, plant classification and nomenclature of herbaceous plants, herbaceous plant identification and culture requirements and seasonal color management.

HORT 1060

Introduces design principles, drawing skills, and plant selection techniques required to produce landscape plans for residential/commercial clients. Topics include: landscape design principles, sketching and drawing skills, site analysis, plant and material selection, and landscape design process.

HORT 1070

This course develops skills needed for the proper selection, installation, and establishment of landscape trees, shrubs, groundcovers, turf and flowers. Topics include workplace safety, interpreting a landscape plan, soil preparation, planting methods, post care and establishment, and managerial functions for landscape installers.

HORT 1560

Introduces computer aided landscape design techniques and used in landscape design projects. Emphasis is placed on practical application of landscape design processes through use of computer applications. Topics include: software commands; scale and layers operations; and drawing and design.

HORT 1430

This course familiarizes students with approaches to garden and small outdoor space design. Students will examine various approaches to color and design theory relevant to designing gardens and outdoor spaces. Topics include history of design, landscape design principles and elements, sketching and drawing skills, design analysis, garden design styles, plant material selection and the development of a garden planting plan.

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