Nursery/Greenhouse Technician (PPS1)  Technical Certificate of Credit

(Standalone & Embedded in Horticulture Diploma & Degree)

Program Description:

Prepare graduates for challenging careers in the expanding field of Landscaping and Garden Centers.

Entrance date: Each semester

Program admission requirements:

Minimum Test Scores

Writing 236 Reading Comprehension 55
Arithmetic 229 Arithmetic 34

Credits required for graduation: 17

Courses 17 credits
HORT 1000

Introduces the fundamentals of plant science and horticulture as a career field. Emphasis will be placed on an industry overview; plant morphology; plant physiology; environmental factors affecting horticulture practices; soil physical and chemical properties; fertilizer elements and analysis; and basic propagation techniques.

HORT 1010

Provides the basis for a fundamental understanding of the taxonomy, identification, and culture requirements of woody plants. Topics include: introduction to woody plants, classification of woody plants, and woody plant identification and culture requirements.

HORT 1020

Emphasizes the identification,selection,and cultural requirements of herbaceous plants. Topics include: introduction to herbaceous plants, plant classification and nomenclature of herbaceous plants, herbaceous plant identification and culture requirements and seasonal color management.

HORT 1030

This course helps to prepare students for a career in the management of commercial greenhouses, conservatories and institutional greenhouses. Emphasis is placed on greenhouse construction; operation and management; regulating and controlling the environment; applying cultural practices as they affect plant physiological processes and influence plant growth and development; and management of a greenhouse business.

HORT 1050

Develops skills necessary to propagate and produce both container and field grown nursery stock. Topics include: industry overview, facility design, propagation techniques and environment, field grown and container production, and managerial functions for nursery production.

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