Microsoft Office Application Specialist (MF51)  Technical Certificate of Credit

(Stand-alone and Embedded in Computer Support Specialist Diploma and Degree)

Program Description:

The Microsoft Office Application Specialist certificate program enables the student to upgrade his/her microcomputer application software skills and prepare for certification.

Entrance date: Each semester

Program admission requirements:

Minimum Test Scores

Writing 236 Reading Comprehension 55
Arithmetic 229 Arithmetic 34

High School diploma or equivalent required for admission.

Credits required for graduation: 16

Courses 16 credits
COMP 1000

Introduces the fundamental concepts, terminology, and operations necessary to use computers. Emphasis is placed on basic functions and familiarity with computer use. Topics include an introduction to computer terminology, the Windows environment, Internet and email, word processing software, spreadsheet software, database software, and presentation software.

CIST 2126
Prerequisite: COMP 1000

This course provides students with knowledge in PIM (Personal Information Management) and presentation software. Presentation topics include creating and formatting presentation masters and templates, creating and formatting slide content, working with dynamic visual content, and collaborating on and delivering presentations. Personal information manager topics include e-mail, calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking, a journal and web browsing.

CIST 2127
Prerequisite: COMP 1000

This course provides students with knowledge in word processing software. Word processing topics include creating, customizing, and organizing documents by using formatting and visual content that is appropriate for the information presented.

CIST 2128
Prerequisite: COMP 1000

This course provides students with knowledge in spreadsheet software. Spreadsheet topics include creating and manipulating data, formatting data and content, creating and modifying formulas, presenting data visually, and collaborating on and securing data.

Select one of two courses below for Database for a min. of 4 cr.:
CIST 2129
Prerequisite: COMP 1000

This course provides a study of databases beginning with introductory topics and progressing through advanced development techniques. Topics include: advanced database concepts, advanced development techniques, data integration concepts, and troubleshooting and supporting databases.

CIST 1220
Prerequisites: COMP 1000, CIST 1001, CIST 1305

Includes basic database design concepts and solving database retrieval and modification problems using the SQL language. Topics include: database Vocabulary, Relational Database Design, Date retrieval using SQL, Data Modification using SQL, Developing and Using SQL Procedures.

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